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A New Melodica

Huge thanks to the ‘I’ve got an idea’ Fund who have backed my melodica sound chamber idea. I cannot wait to get started on the design and build of the prototype. Check out the BLOG for further details .

I’ll be blogging the progress of this project so keep an eye here for updates.

Armagh, Ireland

Free Melodica Method Book! Learn to Play Keyboard for Free

I’ve been playing keyboards for fun for a long time and this passion of mine has given me so many great opportunities to meet new people, travel, listen to other musicians and better appreciate music, poetry, art, culture, people, place and myself. Whether you’re a total beginner, a returning keyboard player, young, old, rich, poor, if your goal is to have fun while learning to play keyboard music at your own pace get started with my book. It’s free and will get you started on your musical journey.

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There’s nothing better than doing what you love. So do more of it

image/svg+xml Celtic Music

I love learning new things and I’ve had great fun learning about Celtic music and getting in touch with other like minded people.

I’ve collected a tremendous quantity of books, CDs and DVDs covering most topics in this and many other wonderful genres of music and I’m going to start a review of these so check out my BLOG to see what you could be learning next. it’s easier than you think once you get started.

image/svg+xml Melodica

I LOVE Melodica Keyboards! They are small, portable, cheap yet musically very expressive instruments. I have had more fun playing melodica than any other type of keyboard. You need at least one of these in your life (and preferably many more) plus they are perfect for beginners. Check out the videos below to see for yourself and join the gang to access the tutorials.

image/svg+xml Practice

Practice is the process by which musicians get really great at playing their pieces. A good practice habit can deliver results that appear magical. If you want to make the sort of progress in your musical journey that will really please you pay attention to how you practise. Follow my practise adventures on the BLOG and in the tutorials within the Resources pages where I hope you will find some useful information 😀

Schools Keyboard Music Project

The Schools Keyboard Music Project was developed to redress the negative impact of the prolonged interruption in music education that occurred as a result of the pandemic and designed as a means of increasing access to quality music education, improve the health and wellbeing of students and increase positive associations with music learning within the Key Stage 1 & 2 framework.

Participating schools can access all project resources including: video demonstrations, video tutorials, downloadable music notation, backing tracks, and other resources via the ‘Schools Resources’ button below.

For more information and to join our growing hub of schools and access all resources contact me via the ‘Get In Touch’ button at the bottom of the page

Like to try playing some keyboard music?