I’ve Got An Idea!

I’m delighted to announce that I’m a recipient of the ‘I’ve got an idea’ fund award for my idea to create a sound chamber within a melodica keyboard to improve its sound quality and asthetics.

The ‘I’ve got an idea’ fund supports novel technical ideas and was set up by the family of Peter Williams who spent his life generating a diversity of technical ideas and experimenting to see if they might work. Our project award announcement can be viewed here.

My friend Stephen Rocks and I will be starting work on the new instrument immediately (although I’ll be leaving all the skillful woodworking to Rocky 😀 ). Rocky is a talented luthier and his ukuleles and guitars are both beautiful and sound amazing.

I’ll also be bringing in a number of other friends to help me work out the physics of the chamber, advise on how best to mic up and record the sound for analysis and of course I’ll need all my students to help out evaluate the finished product.

Huge thanks to Alison Kidd and everyone at The Prospectory for supporting our project. It’s going to be immensely fun and I can’t wait to get playing the first melodica designed and built in Armagh!

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