Playing keyboards for fun since 1984

Music is important. I’ve been having fun making music for years and I believe everyone can.

I’m a musician, a member of the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA) and a tutor with Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. I enjoy playing music with my family and in my community. So if you want to learn to play music grab yourself a keyboard (you can get a melodica keyboard for £20) check out the resources I’ve made available, make some noise, make some new friends, catch up with old friends and have fun.

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I was accused of being a burglar
I have played a melodica in a freezing lake #extremekeyboardplaying
Blues maaaaaan

I’m on a mission

When I was seven I wanted to learn to play the piano but we didn’t have one (pianos are large and can be expensive). I got my hands on an old piano accordion, set it on the kitchen table and taught myself to play with a book and no sound. I was able to play on my cousin’s keyboard once a week and after a year or so I was sent to piano lessons. I was determined and managed to pass some grades using the silent accordion until I got a piano a couple of years later. I’m so glad for the support I received from friends and family and all the wonderful teachers and musicians who were patient and inspired me and that I stuck at it 😁

I want to increase access to keyboard music and tuition to everyone who wants to learn. That’s why I love the melodica keyboard! Its cheap (around £20!), it’s portable, colourful, fun and you can learn so much on it. I’ve adopted it as my instrument of choice.

So get a melodica keyboard, check out my tutorials and videos and if you can, please support my mission to increase access to keyboard music by registering for free here which allows you access to all my free resources. I hope you enjoy these, that they’re useful to you and that you make lots of keyboard music and have lots of fun 😀


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