free resource pack 1

The Kerry Polka

This pack contains a video of me playing this tune with a backing track together with a PDF of the music and chords, a video of the written music so you can see how the music moves on the page, a tutorial video and an audio file with the backing track I’m using. Just click on the image of me or the button below to go to the resource page for this tune.

free resource pack 2

The South Wind

This pack contains:

  • A video demo of me playing the tune with the backing track;
  • A ‘Follow the Dots’ video to help you understand the written music;
  • Two tutorial videos for the piece;
  • A downloadable PDF of the music;
  • A downloadable audio file of the backing track so you can play along and sound awsome.

free resource pack 3

Beginners Pack

This pack contains:

  • A video tutorial of the tune: Hot Cross Buns

Have fun getting started with your melodica keyboard

free resource pack 4

Ode to Joy

This pack contains:

  • a video tutorial for Ode to Joy
  • a ‘Follow the Dots’ video to help understand the written music of this piece
  • a PDF of the music and chords used in this piece.

Have fun learning this one