Building a new case for the melodica

Building a new case for your musical instrument can be a daunting task. You want it to be perfect and enhance the look and sound of the instrument. We’re a good bit along with our project now and although external factors have slowed us up a bit the end goal is still clear: to enhance … Read more

Melodica Case Design

Its been a few weeks from I updated on the ‘I’ve Got An Idea’ Melodica Sound Chamber idea but what a few weeks it has been. The melodica is a charismatic little instrument and in my time playing it I have found that it seems to attract the most positive and creative people. It would … Read more

I’ve Got An Idea!

I’m delighted to announce that I’m a recipient of the ‘I’ve got an idea’ fund award for my idea to create a sound chamber within a melodica keyboard to improve its sound quality and asthetics. The ‘I’ve got an idea’ fund supports novel technical ideas and was set up by the family of Peter Williams … Read more